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Air-Trekker Jumping Stilts BW-ADULT-LARGE Edition 210-240 lbs

Air-Trekker Jumping Stilts BW-ADULT-LARGE Edition 210-240 lbs


The Adult - BW series is the newest product line and promises to be the NEW norm for high performance.

You asked for High Performance jumping stilts...we have them! The Adult - BWs will give you all the performance you will ever need! Wearing these bionic-like Jumping stilts feels like you've strapped a mobile trampoline, or pogo stick, on each leg. They're easy to learn and use, so you can begin JUMPING, performing Parkour stunts, even try free running moves within days. The activity of /jumping/ is also a highly effective and efficient means of exercise for any age, or gender. Daily jumping exercise offers huge mental, psychological, and structural benefits: incredible cardio workout, helps develop tremendous leg, core, and bone strength, all while having a blast. So get yourself a pair and get out there and start JUMPING ..

Color: Black
Application: Action Sports
Air-Trekker Series: BW ADULT
Recommended Weight Class: 210-240 lbs (LARGE)
Product Weight: 20 lbs
Dimensional Weight: 38 lbs

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